Lobby Day 2020 Fundraiser

The week of Valentine's Day, families from around the country will travel to Washington, DC to tell their stories to Senators and Representatives. We're excited by the early response, but at the same time, we're having conversations with constituents for whom the financial cost of the trip is a barrier too great for them to get involved.

We decided to host a group fundraising page here as an aid to those families. Make a donation today, to ensure that constituents have the opportunity to share their stories. Families who attend our lobby days and share a short experience with supporters by March 31st will be reimbursed equal to the total raised here divided by the families that attended, up to a maximum of actual expenses. We all appreciate your gift in solidarity with our families.


For more information about the event see the event sign up page: https://www.americanfamiliesunited.org/event_2020_lobby_day


$575.00 raised so far. Help us get to $1,500.00!

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