Dear President Biden,


We are deeply appreciative of your administration's commitment to addressing immigration issues and prioritizing family unity. In light of Congress’ failure to reform our broken immigration system, we urge you to use your authority on critically necessary solutions.

Specifically, we call your attention to the 1.1 million U.S. citizens who find themselves in the heartbreaking situation where their spouses have been deemed inadmissible under current immigration laws with potentially hundreds of thousands already removed or denied living outside the U.S. These American citizens are confronted with the painful choice of either being separated from their loved ones or uprooting their lives to be with their families in foreign lands.

We call on you to take action to keep our families together. It is within your power to allow the inadmissible spouses of U.S. citizens to request, on a case-by-case basis, a discretionary grant of parole. This parole would not only enable our families to work legally and contribute to our communities but would also ensure that they can stay together and, ultimately, have a pathway to apply for legal status.

By implementing this process, you would provide relief to countless American families who are currently living in fear and uncertainty. It would align with the values of compassion, fairness, and unity that our nation holds dear and demonstrate a commitment to supporting American citizens who are enduring the anguish of family separation.

This is a practical and humane step that can bring immediate relief to American citizens and their families.

We respectfully request a meeting where we can speak with you about the need for this relief. 

Thank you,

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