Ashley DeAzevedo (President)

Ashley joined American Families United in 2017. She has served previously as Vice President and has helped organize multiple national lobby day events. Ashley is an entrepreneur and studied Political Science.


Kali Pliego (Treasurer)

Kali Pliego has been with American Families United since 2013. Kali is a crime prevention specialist and holds a M.A. in Community Ministry Leadership.

Shawna Kibuta (Secretary)

Shawna joined American Families United in 2007. She has participated in several  Valentine's lobby days engaged legislators in Florida and New Mexico. She works in the counseling/sociology field. Shawna holds a B.A. in Spanish, an M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and an M.A. in Global and Sociocultural Studies.

Heather Gonzalez (Vice President)

Heather Gonzalez has been with American Families United since 2017. Heather holds an MPA in Public Administration From The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and B.A in Geology from The Ohio State University. 


Liza DuPont (Vice President)

Liza was thrilled to discover American Families United in 2018. She has participated in several lobby days and rallies. Liza flies the friendly skies as a flight attendant and holds an M.S. in Professional Counseling.

Edgar Falcon

Edgar joined in American Families United in 2012. He's participated in several Valentine's day lobby days, and his wedding on US-Mexico border was featured widely in the press. Edgar is an educator in El Paso, Texas. He holds B.H.S. in Kinesiology with a minor in Physical Education.


Randall Emery 

Randall is a founder of American Families United, and has served in the roles of Secretary, Treasurer, and President. He and his wife's story was covered in the NY Times, and he has testified before the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. He holds a B.S. in Management Information Systems from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Political Management from Carleton University.

Allyson Batista 

Allyson joined American Families United in 2011. She has served in the role of Vice President, and has taken part in many lobby days. Allyson holds a B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature and a Master of Education.






Chi I. 



Jenni R. 

Jenni Rivera learned about American Families United in December 2020 and started to volunteer in February 2021. Jenni is a high school mathematics teacher and holds a BS in Mathematics with a minor in Psychology from Michigan State University and an M.Ed. in Secondary Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment from Jones International University.

Ed Markowitz 

Ed has been a part of American Families United since 2012.
He and his wife of 21 years and their U.S. citizen son have lived in Ontario, Canada for 12 years.

Emily Leyrer

Emily found AFU in 2021 and started sending daily "champions link" emails. 
She then took part in lobby days and currently helps to organize events for AFU. 
Emily has an Associates degree from Lansing Community College. 
She has owned her own business, and is now an Associate Financial Services Specialist. 

Mirtha Arriaga

Mirtha recently joined American Families United in 2020. She has been actively involved in the organization of various rallies. She is a passionate community organizer and activist.

Amanda Valencia

Amanda recently joined American Families United in 2021. She has been actively involved in our advocacy efforts and has attended numerous lobbying events. Her story was featured on FWD.US storytellers section of their website. Amanda works as a Quality Analyst in the Information Technology field. Amanda has an Associates degree from Lansing Community College and completed Spanish Studies certification at Lansing Community College.