Spread the word about the American Families United Act

Post often on your favorite social media platform. If you don't already have a Twitter account please consider starting one! Using Twitter to raise awareness allows us to have a presence in the immigration space and engage with DC offices of leadership (even if we're not their direct constituents) and the press!  

Here are some Twitter tips:

  • Start out by following your three elected officials in DC: your 2 Senators and 1 Congressperson
  • Follow us, too! @amerifamsunited
  • Also follow these three Senators: @SenatorDurbin @SenAlexPadilla @SenSchumer
    They hold the most power when it comes to decisions made on how the Senate will chart its course on immigration reform
  • Search hashtags (#) like #Reconciliation, #Immigration, #waiverequity to see who's saying what about these topics. You'll find links to news articles, statements from DC offices, and members of the public weighing in.
    • Reply to some of these tweets with a little bit of a personal message, and then include some hashtags that make sense (see examples below) and tag us @amerifamsunited
  • Example hashtags:
  • Don't forget about the press! Find reporters, news producers, broadcasters, etc to follow and tag them in your tweets using "@xxxx" (their Twitter handle).

For Facebook and Instagram, download the social media assets below to show your support for the American Families United Act. Make sure to tag @americanfamiliesunited and use the hashtags mentioned above.

Click, then drag and drop these post and story graphics to your computer's desktop or right-click to download to your computer.





Download this handout with a scannable QR code to print at home or take it to your local copy shop to print. (Prints two up on an 8.5" x 11" page and can be cut in half.) 

Ask people to scan the QR to send a pre-populated message to their congress members asking to support the American Families United Act.


Show your support

You can buy T-shirts and other American Families United branded products at either of these two sites:


You can also make your own t-shirts by using iron-on transfer paper. Download this file and print it on the transfer paper using an inkjet printer. 


Help us increase membership

You can help American Families United achieve its goals and increase its general membership by posting our English flyer, or Spanish flyer, in churches, coffee shops, international markets, your immigration attorney's office, and anywhere else you can think of! When you attend rallies, marches, or demonstrations please make sure you have some of our literature on hand to share with others!