For our thousands of followers and supporters, and the many events we organize nationwide each year--we need both "go-ers" and "send-ers".  Our Go-ers are the folks who have access to time off and the ability to travel; but sometimes it's a stretch for them financially.  That's why we also need Send-ers--you're the folks with some financial capacity to support the travel expenses of the Go-ers. 

The pool of donations collected here will be made available as reimbursement funds to anyone who submits travel receipts to our Treasurer after an event.  In the case of several people seeking reimbursement, the funds will be divided evenly among requests. Qualifying travel expenses are transportation and lodging. Given the consistency of our events, American Families United will roll any unused balance onto future event support.

We thank you for being a Send-er.  All donors on this page will be added to a special email distribution list and will receive occasional updates on the events your donations make possible, including personal thank yous and testimonials from our Go-ers.

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