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signed Stimulus Payment for Scott Kane 2020-07-08 16:11:42 -0400

Stimulus Payment for Scott Kane

Scott Kane is an American citizen working on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. He is a supervisor at a residential center for people with intellectual disabilities, and is proud to be part of the team that has kept their residents, many of them elderly and at high risk, safe.

Scott's wife Virgina is in the Phillipines, where she is from, and they have yet to start the immigration process, due in part to the pandemic.

Virginia does not yet have a Social Security Number. Because of that, a clause in the CARES Act denied Scott his $1,200 stimulus payment. In a cruel twist, Virginia was also excluded from Phillipine COVID-19 financial support because she is married to an American.

Please support Scott's right to equal treatment under the law by urging his Senators and Representative to support legislation to fix this problem for citizens like him.

To Senator Bob Casey, Senator Pat Toomey, Representative GT Thompson:

Scott Kane is a US citizen and your constituent. His wife Virginia is in the Phillipines and does not have a Social Security Number yet. Because of that Scott did not qualify for the recent stimulus payment. Also, Virginia did not qualify for Philippine benefits because she is married to an American. Scott is an essential worker, caring for people with intellectual disabilities at a state facility. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused great hardship for Scott. Because quarantines have resulted in job loss for family members, he has been supporting three households on his one paycheck. The stimulus check would have been a godsend for him.

It is not right that American citizens are being deprived of a benefit because of who they married.

We, the undersigned, support Scott, and we urge you to support the passage of H.R. 6800, the HEROES Act, with all possible haste.

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Include US Citizen Rights in Immigration Reform

Tell the Senate: equal treatment for US citizen spouses in immigration reform

US Citizens are the most neglected constituency in our debate over immigration reform.  Currently proposed legislation for other classes of immigrants includes waivers or exemptions that are not available to US citizens spouses. This petition asks for equal treatment for US citizen spouses. Please sign this petition to help! 


View Jason Rochester's story here:


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To the United States Senate,

The highest priority for legal immigration includes Americans' spouses and children. That isn’t an opinion. Here’s how it works: while there are exceptions, the rule that distinguishes legal immigrants from illegal immigration is that legal immigrants are invited – by Americans.

The only numerically unlimited category includes the spouses of US citizens. It is our right as Americans to marry for love without being forced to choose between marriage and our country.

A failed immigration law passed in 1996 destroyed the balance between the right of a US citizen to sponsor their wife or husband, and immigration offenses that do not rise to the level of crimes. Rather than enact effective steps to stop illegal immigration, Congress persists in pointless cruelty.

Every plan to legalize the undocumented population, including DREAMers, includes 'waivers of inadmissibility'. We want those same waivers to be available to US citizens who sponsor their spouses. Whether it is a narrow 'stepping stones' bill or comprehensive immigration reform, the rights of US citizens must be included.

We want whatever they get.


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