Texas lawmakers urge President Biden to extend work permits

6:12 PM CDT May 16, 2024

AUSTIN, Texas — Elected Latino lawmakers from across Texas came together Thursday to urge President Joe Biden to extend work permits to long-term immigrant workers.

For over a year, the Biden administration has granted work permits to recent immigrants through the Humanitarian Parole Program. But lawmakers who spoke on Thursday said it's time for work permits to be granted to long-term immigrants as well – including those who don't have a clear path to legal residential status.

State Rep. Lulu Flores, who represents Austin, said 76% of undocumented residents in Travis County have lived in the U.S. for at least five years.

"I want to make sure that these folks have access to work permits so that they can fulfill their American dream," she said. "They've been here, they were brought here very young. So it's only right we allow them to fulfill their dreams."

Over 150 elected officials, including 58 from Texas, support extending work permits.

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