Ashlee Ramirez is an American citizen working as an ER nurse on the front lines of Cornavirus pandemic.

Despite this, she was denied her Coronavirus relief stimulus payment simply because her husband was waiting for his Social Security number (he has since received it) when they filed their taxes.

Please support Ashlee as she supports America by urging her Senators and Representative to support legislation to fix this problem for citizens like her.




To Senator Chris Van Hollen, Senator Ben Cardin, Representative Kweisi Mfume:

Ashlee Ramirez is a constituent of yours, an American citizen and a Balitmore ER nurse on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ashlee filed her taxes with her husband, who was an ITIN holder at the time. Because of this, a clause in the CARES Act prevented her from receiving a stimulus check. This is wrong.

To make matters worse, legislation introduced in the Senate, S. 4071, The American Citizen Coronavirus Relief Act, which claims to address this problem, would do nothing to help Ashlee. But H.R. 6800, the HEROES Act, which has already passed in the House of Representatives, would treat Ashlee like every other American.

We, the undersigned, support Ashlee, and we urge you to support the final passage of H.R. 6800, the HEROES Act, with all possible haste.