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Our members have been busy gathering support for the American Families United Act across the country and making news along the way!

  • Back in late April, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey introduced a proclamation of support for the American Families United Act at Kali Pliego’s (American Families United’s Vice President) request. Not only that, he officially made April 27th Kali and Felix Pliego Day in the City of Minneapolis to honor their family and support this legislation. In a public post, he said “Minneapolis’ immigrant community helps form the backbone of our city and all families deserve to be welcome here not just in spirit, but in law.


  • On June 29th member Jason Rochester of Georgia, was featured in a news article by The Marshall Project as he works to bring his wife back to the U.S. after she self-deported to Mexico in 2018, leaving their son and Jason behind in the U.S. Read more about how the Biden administration is working to devise a system to reconsider cases of immigrants who were removed despite strong ties to the United States here.


  • And on July 1st in Chicago American Families United held a volunteer-organized event in Union Park where they held signs asking U.S. Sens. Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin, both Illinois Democrats, to support the bill if it makes it to the Senate. Both senators have backed similar bills in the past. Members of the Chicago Workers’ Collaborative came to support the bill as well since many members of their organization are affected by immigration status, and some could also be helped by The American Families United Act. The event was covered by the Chicago Sun Times, for the full article click here.
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American Families United proposes solutions to Congress and supports efforts to advance legislation that affects U.S. citizens married to foreign nationals.