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    Rebekah Reynolds
    signed Pass the American Families United Act 2021-04-27 06:05:12 -0400
    We are the people. We as Americans should not have to pick our Country over the person we love. Our children sacrifice the most when a family is broken due to deportation. It is a lasting damage that effects an entire system when a parent can no longer provide because a spouse has been deported. It is a matter of heart that is difficult and different for each case. Simply deporting a husband or parent doesn’t fix a long standing issue that our Country was built upon. The family dynamic has not been figured into deportation of more then 1,000s of cases. I am an American citizen who has had to choose between my sick mother here in America and my husband of 15 years in Guatemala. I did not lose my husband because of death but was equivalent to how it felt. In 2018 my husband was deported without this ever a consideration. I am an American Citizen and it feels as if my own Country turned it’s back on me.