Washington, April 29: “As US citizens whose families have been damaged by immigration laws that contradict American values, we are encouraged and grateful that the bipartisan American Families United Act (H.R. 2095) has been re-introduced in this Congress,” said Kim Anderson, AFU President,

“It is often said that there is so much partisan gridlock in Congress that it cannot get anything done to fix our broken immigration system,” Anderson said, “and that this is a reason why the Congress is so unpopular. But the hard work and courage that Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) and Steve Pearce (R-NM) continue to put into  finding a solution to this critical issue shows that’s not the whole story.”

American Families United is an organization of US citizens whose families face sometimes unsolvable problems with US immigration law from violations that can be technical or trivial in nature. “It’s death penalty consequences with traffic court rules of evidence”, Anderson explained.

“We are the neglected constituency in the immigration debate,” Anderson said.  “The Census counts 4.1 million Americans who are married to immigrants, of which perhaps as many as half a million have faced problems like those of AFU members.  But every American who has run the gauntlet of our broken immigration system looks at cases like ours and thinks: there but for the Grace of God and a glitch in the paperwork, goes my family.”

AFU will organize around the introduction of H.R. 2095 to build legislative progress by recruiting cosponsors in the Congress, as well as constantly adding AFU members to our national organization.

Reforming I-601 / Hardship Waivers and Allowing Waivers for Permanent Bars

It is a fundamental principle of American values that the US government has no right to tell any citizen to choose between their spouse, the love of their life – and their country. Yet that is what current law does.

In many cases what triggers a banishment of three or ten years, even life, is a trivial or even wholly technical violation. It can be as inadvertent as being the passenger who nods when the driver is asked a question in a language not understood.

US citizens whose families face destruction, who literally must choose between their marriages and obligations as parents, or their rights as Americans to live in the United States, should get their opportunity to ask an immigration judge to consider the hardship imposed on them – as US citizens – by the law.

The American Families United Act, introduced by Congressman Beto O'Rourke (D-TX) and Congressman Steve Pearce (R-NM) restores the US citizen's right to fairness and due process that existed prior to 1996.

The American Families United Act would standardize the I-601 waiver process to apply to all administrative and technical bars, with fair standards for immigration judges to evaluate I-601 waiver applications.


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Steven Zaharakis (Western VP)

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